Our Team

David Meyers, Chief Executive Officer

David Meyers is the Founder and CEO of Black Falcon US Limited.  With over 20 years of vast international experience of managing businesses globally, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and connections that help fuel Black Falcon’s goal to find and support innovative investment opportunities around the world through capital, management, marketing and more.

Liran Stein, Chief Financial Officer

Liran is responsible for all financial aspects of Black Falcon and its subsidiaries as well as seeking and analyzing new opportunities. He brings vast experience in managing global transactions, creative thinking and unique analytical skills. Liran also has extensive background in managing complex projects in challenging environments.

John Meyers, Chief Strategy Officer

John brings with him a broad-based and impressive background with him that includes being Special Assistant to the President for Operations at The White House during the administration of George W. Bush. He leverages his extensive network to bring success to whatever project he devotes his time to.

Barbara Cohen, General Manager

Barbara is responsible for the day-to-day operations at Black Falcon. With a background in Business Administration and Management, she has spent the last 15 years intensely growing a tech startup and scaling small businesses for operational longevity.

Gareth Adeney, Project Manager

Gareth is the newest member of the Black Falcon team. He brings extensive international experience, and a worldly understanding of business.

Anna Myatt, Communications Director

Anna brings with her a decade of experience in media and public relations at local and national levels. She is responsible for communication projects of Black Falcon and all of its affiliates.